Corporate Information

Company Overview
ProTen specialises in the design, construction and operation of high-quality broiler chicken farms throughout Australia and is considered a preferred and leading supplier of broiler chickens in Australia. 
ProTen has a strong and proven track record in operational and financial performance and earnings expansion through organic growth & successfully secured long term extendible operating contracts with Australia’s largest chicken processor. 

Experienced and profitable operator
ProTen’s management team has extensive experience in both construction of broiler chicken farms as well as the operational farm management with over 30 years industry experience. As Australia's largest independent contract grower, ProTen has established profitable operations and an extensive asset base.

Farming Activities
ProTen owns and operates 16 of Australia’s largest and technically advanced contract broiler farms which are strategically located in New South Wales and Western Australia. These farms consist of 268 sheds in operation and produce 68 million birds per annum which represents approximately 11.0% of Australia’s annual production.

Supply Contracts
ProTen farms operate under long term (15 year) supply contracts to Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd. The contracts are structured on an annual production volume per square metre basis, with growing fees adjusted annually for inflation and movements of key operating costs. These contracts provide certainty with stable and reliable revenue and earnings margins.

Non weather dependant revenue stream
Poultry growing and processing is one of the few agricultural industries that is not generally subject to climatic conditions to achieve revenues. All chicken growing is undertaken in non caged environmentally controlled sheds. The computer-controlled environment ensures that the sheds are maintained within a constant temperature range and controls feed and water delivery to promote ideal growing conditions for the chickens.

ProTen's Commitment to Animal Welfare
ProTen farms are formally endorsed by industry participants.

See Animal Welfare.

Commonwealth & State regulation departments govern poultry production in Australia.

See List of regulatory bodies