ProTen Story

ProTen's humble beginnings started with one man and one shed in Halcombe, New Zealand in 1987.

This one man remains a Director of ProTen Ltd, Maxwell Bryant. 

Max has been involved in the broiler chicken industry for over 30 years and has been the principal behind the establishment of the farms which now comprise ProTen. He has been involved with the establishment of quality farming systems with Tegel Foods (New Zealand) and the utilisation of the latest ventilation systems and building technology. 

Max has managed and/or been a director of various meat chicken companies for 21 years.

ProTen was formed in 2001 with the amalgamation of seven farms that Max and other long term shareholders built and acquired throughout New Zealand.

1987   Max Bryant established first growing shed in NZ with 23,000 bird capacity.
1995 - 2001   Regional NZ farm construction - supply to Tegel New Zealand.
2001   ProTen Ltd established to consolidate broiler farms.
2002   ProTen entered Australia.
2002 - 2006   Farms in NZ divested and capital redeployed in Australia to develop / acuire farms.
2008   Company migrated to Australia and listed shares on the NZ "Unlisted" market.
2009 - 2018   ProTen triples in size via organic growth.
2018   ProTen acquires a 32-shed farm in South Australia.
2018   ProTen is acquired by First State Super Fund.