Poultry sheds and farm infrastructure

ProTen's Farms are modern facilities, equipped with leading edge technology to enhance the environmental conditions and maximise the efficiency of the growing of broiler chickens. The design features of ProTen's poultry sheds include the following:

  • Insulated wall and ceilings
  • Solar Systems for sustainable energy use
  • Computerised Climate Control and Tunnel Ventilation and cooling systems to ensure bird comfort under all conditions
  • Automatic Feed and Drinking Systems
  • Back-up generators for protection during power outages

The sheds are secure to prevent the entry of any predators, vermin or other pests to reduce the risk of disease introduction to its chicken flocks.

ProTen has standardised its model for broiler chicken farming throughout the whole process from design to construction to the operations phase. Cost effective quality infrastructure is integral to ProTen's business to enable stable production costs and consistent returns.